Working with imagination and common sense


We are a team of qualified, experienced ICT engineers for hire. We serve Businesses and Charities in Kent by managing the gap between what technology promises and what you want it to actually do.

We build on your existing skills while being careful of vendor lock-in or diluting your ownership. We work with you to get the best out of your IT, at a budget you can afford.

We work with your team if you have one, or act as your surrogate employee if you don't.


"Access IT actually do listen to the business problems rather than just try to sell their services and their favourite box of the day. We're very pleased."

Stephen Ledger, Partner, Reeves, Chartered Accountants.

"Access IT sold the product very well. It was quite clear how much it was going to cost, it was quite clear the on-going running costs that we'd incur and they were very competitive financially. The project went remarkably well and was completed on time, in budget."

John Cooper, Man. Director (ret.),

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